4 Ways to Tell the Difference between Real and Synthetic Leather Backpack

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If you are looking for a genuine best leather backpack, then you should know some tips. Here we have some tips for you to identify, which is a help to see the difference between real and fake leather backpack.

1. Check the Label

If you are going to shop for a leather backpack. First, check its label because of manufacturer knows the label is how much important for his brand value. So they attach the label on the leather product. If so, have a label on the leather backpack, check what they write on the backpack. If the label says, fake/synthetic leather or the bag has no label; then you are right to assume that it is not a real leather backpack. If you are not relying on the label, then you should check some other tips and choose the right one.

2. Smell

The second tips is to smell your leather backpack material. If leather is real, then its feels something different between fake/synthetic leather smell. Synthetic leather cannot be replicated by genuine leather. If you are smells various leather backpack, then you recognize which is real and artificial leather.

3. Test the Texture

Our third tips test the texture. To this tip, you can easily recognize. If the backpack feels too smooth and silky like plastic. Then this is 100% synthetic leather. Because genuine leather is generally thicker and harder than synthetic leather.

4. Examine the Edges

Our fourth tip is to examine the edges of the leather backpack. To sides, you can easily recognize genuine leather. Generally, synthetic leather edges feel smooth and perfect. But the leather edges is rough and more natural.

To these tips, you can quickly identify synthetic vs genuine leather backpack.

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