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Youtube was launched in 2005, and nowadays it becomes the most popular and most-watched video streaming website. This video platform(youtube) has a wide range of content, including music videos, gaming videos, Educational videos, Tv clips, Entertainment stuff, and many more.

But when the thing is to download or run the video songs in the background, there is no feature available on youtube to listen to songs in the background and download it into our device for listening to it offline. Therefore the youtube to mp3 downloader comes in the picture.

I know there is a question going on in your mind, which video downloader is the best? There are a bunch of tools available on the internet, but not all are the same and not all really useful as well. So, I have come to give you the best and free YouTube video downloader that I have personally found, and some of them I use myself.

Y2Mate is simple and one of the most popular youtube downloaders. It allows us to download youtube videos in various formats such as M4V, WMV, 3GP, MP4, MOD, FLV, WEBM, MP3, etc…

You can download more than thousands of youtube videos not only from youtube but also from other platforms such as Facebook, DailyMotion, Youku, etc..

This tool also allows you to convert youtube videos into mp3, like other youtube to mp3 converters, for example, ytmp3(youtube to mp3 converter). With this tool, you can convert and download youtube videos easily and very fast. You just need to search or paste the link of the video in the search box. And press the start button to start downloading the video.

With this tool, you can download as well as convert your favorite youtube videos into mp3 and enjoy it offline whenever you want. You can download videos from videos in many formats with this tool such as FLV, Mp4, 3Gp. It supports the highest quality(HD and Ultra HD) videos perfectly and easily.

One bad thing about using this tool is, you can’t use it online, you just need to download it first. It was available only for macOS but from now it’s also available on the windows os. This tool integrates with all the popular browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc…

Ytmp3(youtube to mp3 converter) is an amazing tool for converting and downloading your favorite videos from youtube and other video platforms. If you are looking for a free tool for downloading your favorite video then don’t need to panic because I have the best solution for you and the solution is the Ytmp3 tool.

The best thing about this app is, this tool is totally free of cost and you can download united videos through this app. There is no limit for converting youtube videos into mp3 as well.

So, guys, I hope you like my article and you have got all the valuable information about what is the best youtube video downloader. If you like this article then share it with your friends and family.

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