How to Renovate a House on a Budget?

Renovating a house can be a costly exercise, especially when you want to turn your house into “The Dream House”. Keeping your finances in check while remodeling your home is not always as straightforward as you’d like it to be. Around every corner is an “opportunity” to spend a little more on this and a little more on that, not realizing how many times you’ve spent just a little more. This is where you need to be creative and resourceful with your renovation — and have a plan!
Here are some ways you can renovate your house while on a tight budget.

  1. Clean Everything!

The first step in making changes to your house starts with the cleaning process. Starting indoors, put items away and clean the house thoroughly. You will notice a change in the way things look as soon as you start putting things back where they belong. Cleaning will also help you understand where each household item is placed — which gives you an idea of how you can arrange the decor to make the interior look like new. Work on decluttering and make your home look clean before you start with the renovations.

2. Let Natural Light Inside

Getting more natural light inside your home can help you stay away from unnecessary expenses. This does not necessarily mean creating holes in the walls for new windows. Another clever way to let more natural light in is to install a skylight or similarly, a light tube that can channel the light from the roof and into the living room. This is ideal if you choose to pursue a minimalist approach; you will be able to keep your home illuminated making the room feel less cluttered.

3. Make Places Efficient

Most homeowners make the mistake of improving their home’s efficiency by expanding their kitchen –which is not always the best course of action. If you want to maximize the usefulness of your kitchen, consider making some efficient changes. Shelves consume most of the floor space yet every kitchen
could do with more storage. A solution; consider hanging cabinets. Depending on the layout and structure of your kitchen, this simple action could increase the storage space in your kitchen by 50%. Not only that, but you’ve achieved this without demolishing walls.

4. DIY as Much as You Can

To keep your renovation costs low, DIY as much as possible. Look at house renovation ideas regarding the interior and identify what could work for your house and which you can do yourself with minimal cost. This should be done in the planning stages, not mid-renovation. Many homeowners take to minor painting jobs, and small repairs or touch-ups like changing the kitchen cabinetry handles to something new, ergonomic but still aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking at upgrading the light fittings, any plumbing works, or even a little bit of demo work, make sure you know what you’re doing. And if not, just leave it to the professionals.

5. Renovate The From Door

One of the most asked questions is, “I’m renovating a house where do start?” Well, the front door is what everyone sees first, why not start there! The front door is more than just a functional entry and exit point that provides security to the home. It can make your house stand out and feel more welcoming which indirectly helps add value to your property. Talk to quality home builder about options to renovate or get a customized front door and if it’s within budget, go for it! If the budget doesn’t allow for it, visit a few home hardware stores for DIY options that are budget-friendly.

6. Focus Your Attention to Kitchen Tiles

Making a few changes in your kitchen is another way you can renovate and achieve a whole new look with very little investment. Tiles look amazing, they’re easy to clean and add value to the kitchen. Tiles come in many shapes, sizes, styles — all with different functionality. Be sure to consult with your
renovation plans with a tile specialist — they will provide guidance and highlight anything that you need to be aware of for this part of your project. You can easily overspend on a kitchen renovation so it’s important to create a plan.

7. Gardens and Landscaping

Don’t forget to put some time and budget aside for the gardens and landscaping. Aside from the basics like mowing the lawns, removing weeds and trimming overgrown trees, look at some ways to make your gardens neat and tidy, that’s low maintenance and functional. Many working professionals just can’t find the time to maintain big, lush gardens with intricate details. Keeping it simple will not only be easy to maintain, but it will allow you to personalize it with your own outdoor furniture and accessories.

Final Word

If you have an older style house, look for special renovation ideas for old homes to help guide your renovation. Many older homes need to be checked for foundation and structural defects, so make sure you have these sorted. Lastly, don’t try and redo everything. Create a plan, establish what needs to be done, what would be nice to renovate, and what you can go without. Be sure to create a budget, have an allowance for some unexpected (but unavoidable) extras and have fun.

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